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Nakwan - mix 6-7-10

06:13:56 Section 8 Recordings - POD 012 : Synthetic Soul...
06:45:11 Bad Syntax & Dossa Locuzzed - Best Drum and Bas...
07:55:19 Dose - Studio mix jan 2015
08:24:23 LPLUS - Podcast 2016
09:24:05 Nitrobreak - Soiree avril 2016
10:20:58 Social Logic - Various Promo
11:59:18 Sunseed - The Jungle Theory Mix
13:12:03 Qanok - Eatbrain Contest
13:43:42 kronology - DNBFrance GuestMix 119
Trip of the day

Look at this awesome video of 2 crasy riders in New York City,
Put the radio in the same time and enjoy :D

And watch also this crazy moment at 11 minutes on this other riding video > "GoPro BMX Bike Riding in NYC 5" by Billy Perry (SWEET chanel :p), during maybe 20 seconds they ride in the opposite side of the circulation !

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on radio dnbstation.com,

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I do it on my free time, by hobby, when i can..

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