DNB Station

Mob Tactics - Mobcast S04E02 14

Hey you are DJ ?

In this page you can send your mix for the radio. The Stream is broadcast in mp3 320kb/s,(around 20kHz)
I accept any better format (Hight-quality .m4a, .aif, and of course .wav and .flac).

Its audiophile radio...Click to display more about

( Also don't forget to add your DJ name in the file title : ) an email may be useful too.
Thanks to you by advance for uploading.

I'm very slow to check, because i do it on my free time, and i notice a lot of new upload since the 2 past years, it's a pleasure, thanks you all, and i will try to put the best on playlist as i can. I'm actully working on maintenance of the site, and irl stuff.